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Watch the "You've Got This" Music Video Now!

This video would not have been possible without the support of so many wonderful friends and family members. I want to thank Rob Fox for everything he has done to spearhead this project and get us to the finish line. I also want to thank Cole Fox and Maya Bonk for the phenomenal work they did in front the camera. It has been my pleasuring growing up with you two. Thank you so much for the work you put into this video. I wrote “You’ve Got This” over a year and a half ago for a friend who was going through a hard time after moving across the country. Since then, I come to realize more and more just how universal the message is. And that as much as I had my friend in mind while writing the song, I wrote it for me too. It can be really easy to feel like every problem you face is the end of the world. I have to remind myself daily to have perspective. I hope with this video that we are able to raise awareness surrounding the issues that millions of teenagers face every day, but also remind people of all ages, You’ve Got This.  

Thank you to everyone who made this video possible.  


Bobbie & Greg Reynolds ० Patricia & Felix Mazzocco ० Ted Lingle


Ann VerKuilen ० Christie & Jonathan Capps ० Jill Daniel ० Kathy & Jim Lingle 

Michele & Bart Doll ० Stacy & Marty Sharkey ० Susan & David Codiga


Alison & Jim Rainey ० Carolyn & Bill Buckley ० Cassie & John Stein

Cindi & Brian Knight ० David Plenn ० Desiree & Kristian Bonk

Dianne & Scott Parker ० Diemha Hoang & Matt Segal ० Ellen Main 

Haley VerKuilen ० Jackie & Greg Howorth ० Jane & Jackson Washburn 

Julie & Bill Miller ० Kelly & Zachary Heinen ० Kim & Brock Carlson 

Michele & Rob Biggar ० Monika Lingle ० Pamela & Phillip Mazzocco

Rachael & Daniel Lingle ० Rachel & Rob Fox ० Rainey Tilley

Stephanie Stein & Johan Garcia ० Stuart Morkun ० Tarina Kang & Brian Mahler 


Angie & Gregg Dawson ० Ann Binney & Tom Benton ० Colleen & Andy Alksnis

Dean Serwin ० Hope Codiga ० Laurgo ० Lesley-Ann & Keith Reynolds

Marie & John Cleaves ० Monika & Julian Petrillo ० Ruth Pina

Sally Reynolds & Hamp Smith


Alyssa Bonk ० Emma Gace ० Hailey Capps ० Iman Hanif ० Jacob Crowell 

 Kiana Reynolds ० Maureen & David Whitman ० Madeleine Wong

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